Indexing Outlook Message attachments in SharePoint

SharePoint indexing of content within Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF and WordPerfect WPD files when they’re attached to Outlook messages.

The server I used for this MOSS Service Pack 1 + Infrastructure Update.

Download and install the Microsoft iFilter Pack here.

Register any further file types that are required, e.g. .vsd .one .zip as described here.

Restart the SharePoint index server and the web front end(s).

Download the Adobe iFilter version 6 here.

(You can alternatively install the FoxIT PDF iFilter here instead).

Stop the SharePoint Search Service(S) on the Index Server.

Install the Adobe iFilter on the Index server and the web front end(S).

Add an entry for PDF & pdficon.gif to the DOCICON.XML file and copy pdficon.gif to the IMAGES folder.


Restart the SharePoint Search Service(S).

Download the Corel WordPerfect iFilter here.

Stop IIS and all SharePoint Services on the Index server.

Install the Corel WordPerfect iFilter Index server and the web front end(s).

Add an entry for WPD & wpd.gif to the DOCICON.XML file and copy wpd.gif (you might need to create this yourself) to the IMAGES folder.

Restart Windows on the Index server and repeat the installtion on the web front end(s).

Stop SharePoint Services and IIS Services on the SharePoint Front End and Index servers.

Download and install Collaboration Data Objects here.

Install this CDO module (extended MAPI support) on the both the SharePoint Index server and the SharePoint Web Front End(s).

Restart Windows on both servers.

Stop both the Windows and Office SharePoint Search Services.

Download the MSG iFilter here.

(A 30 day evaluation) from the iFilter-Shop website is available.

The commercial version isn’t that expensive and I’d recommend this product.

(There is a custom version available which you might need to contact support to get).

Install the MSG iFilter evaluation on the SharePoint Index Server only.

Restart Windows.

Reset All Crawled Content in Shared Services Administration.

Do a full crawl in Shared Services Administration.

Run through some searches.


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