Office Search Commands

If you don’t like the Office 2007 ribbon and are getting frustrated with the time it takes to find and use basic commands that were in the same place for the last two versions of Office then you could try the FREE Search Commands from the Microsoft Office Labs team. This applies to Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 only.

Download the 3Mb file from the Office Labs website, here.

Extract it and launch the setup.msi, then click Next. Accept the terms and click Install. I choose not to participate in the Labs Usage Metrics. Then click next and click on Finish.

So what happens next ?
Start up an Office 2007 program, I’ll use Excel 2007.
Notice the new ‘Search Commands’ tab on the ribbon. I’ve highlighted it below.

Let’s say I want to merge the cells A3:D3 below as one cell between rows 2 and 4.
I’ve colour coded this to emphasise it a little better.

Now to find out where ‘merge cells’ command is located just type it into the small search box on the left hand side of the ribbon as shown below and hit enter. The 4 possible ‘merge cells’ commands are listed from 1 to 4 in a little results sections to the right of your query. I’m interested in the first option.

Hold the mouse over step 1 as shown below and you’ll see that the location of the ‘merge cells’ command that I need is in the ‘Home’ tab of the ribbon, then the ‘Alignment’ section of the ‘Home’ tab, and then look for ‘Merge Cells’.

So if I click on the ‘Home’ tab and look in the ‘Alignment’ section, I’ll see ‘Merge Cells’.
You can see the three steps in the orange boxes below.

Now my row 3 is ‘merged’ across the columns A:D. As shown below.


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