SharePoint AdventureWorks Installation

Installing the AdventureWorks SharePoint 2007 demonstration.

Warning ! – Make a full backup copy of your VM after you have all the pre-requisites completed and before you start the AdventureWorks installer, it took three attempts to get mine to complete and fortunately I had backed up before I went ahead with the AdventureWorks install on top of the vanilla MOSS environment.

Virtual Host – Toshiba U300, 4GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo @ 1.8Ghz, Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP2, VMWare Server 2.0.0

Virtual Guest – 2GB RAM, 50GB hard disk, Windows 2003 Server SP2 as shown below.

Name the virtual guest to ‘MOSS’ during W2K3 install, or rename your image.

Adjust the page-file size to the recommended size.
Install IIS.
Enable ASP in IIS.
Run DCPROMO for the LITWARE domain, (you can use any domain name).
Create the following accounts in the LITWARE Active Directory domain, spsql, spsearch and spadm. As this is a development rig I added them to the Domain Admin group.
Install SQL Server 2005 and use the spsql account to run the services.
Install .NET 3.5SP1.
Install Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise Edition.
Add the LITWAREspadm user to the farm administrators group in Central Admin.
Configure the MOSS server search service and start.
Use the spadm address for contact e-mail address.
Enabled the service for query and indexing.
Add the LITWAREspsearch account as the farm search service account.
Use all Web Front Ends for crawling.
Configure the WSS search service settings on server MOSS.
For the service account use litwarespsearch.
For the content access account use litwaresppool.
Use the default search database ‘Wss_Search_moss’.

Install Silverlight 2.
Install Silverlight 2 SDK.

Add the System.Web.Silverlight.dll to the GAC (Global Assembly Cache)
To complete this drag and drop the System.Web.Silverlight.dll from C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsSilverlightv2.0LibrariesServer to C:WindowsAssembly

Add MIME TYPE in IIS admin for extension “xap” as “application/x-silverlight-app”.
Start | Run | inetmgr | Right Click on Local Computer | Properties | MIME Types | New Extension = .xap
MIME Type = application/x-silverlight-app

Add the required users to the Farm Administrator Group (ensure you are logged in as a Farm Admin). In my case I added all users I created for SharePoint (spsql, spsearch and spadm).

Apply WSS SP1.
Apply MOSS SP1.
Apply WSS Infrastructure update.
Apply MOSS Infrastructure update.
Apply WSS SP2.
Apply MOSS SP2.
Shut down your VM guest and take a full copy of it at this point.
This will back up your MOSS installation in case you need to restart the AdventureWorks installation.
Note you cannot un-install the AdventureWorks installation.

Restart your SharePoint server, ensure all services are running and there are no serious errors in the eventlog. While logged in to Windows as a Farm Admin extract the AdventureWorks ZIP file. Launch AdventureWorks.InstallWizard.exe and click Next to follow the install steps and provide settings for the script to run.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Click on Begin Install (you can start praying here).

It took about 20 minutes to complete for me.

Unfortunately it didn’t want to launch after the installation completed. I got this error.

I also spotted an event id 1309 entry in the Application Event Log.

To resolve this I gave the AdvWorks-app, AdvWorks -ssp-app and AdvWorks –ssp-svc users ‘Modify’ permissions to the ‘Temporary ASP.NET Files’ folder as shown below. I wouldn’t be recommending this for a production installation, normally I’d investigate a little further and resolve fully but this is just an evaluation.

Restarting the browser session launches the FBA site.

For the Windows Integrated Authentication site it’s .

This is the ‘travel guide’ for San Fran.

A picture gallery for Auckland.

That’s about it.
If I get a chance I’ll fire up some of the labs that go with this demo and provide some feedback.


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