Noisy Dell PowerEdge 1900

The fans in a 1900 we have started making a lot of noise the other day.
Didn’t appear to be anything wrong except for a 1310 error reported on the small LCD display for one of the fans.
All fans were spinning at about 4200 RPMs (normal is about 2000RPMs) and making a lot of noise.
Turned it off, cleaned all the dust out of the affected fan, restarted.
All ok for about 15 minutes and the fans started getting noisy again, so back to the drawing board.
Tried some omconfig command to stop the fans spinning, but the generation 9 servers (X9XXX) do not allow management of the fans.
So, upgraded the system BIOS to the latest version.
The BMC firmware was already at the latest version.
Upgraded the version of Dell OpenManage (made no difference)
Shut down, held in power button for 30 seconds, disconnected everything.
Removed all fans and the CPU cooling towers, cleared every bit of dust visible.
Restarted and all ok now.
Strange … there was a minimal amount of dust in the machine and the temperature remained about 21 Celsius.
It probably just need some TLC.


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