SharePoint Site Collections and Host Header URLs

If you want to use SharePoint for hosting multiple vanity URLs one option is to use Host Header URLs.

e.g. and , etc……

I used the following software:

Windows 2008 RTM SP2 virtual server, SQL 2008 SP1, WSS 3.0 SP2 for 64bit

Create a Web App for (top level site) on port 80.

Create a site collection on this new Web App, use whatever template you wish.

Create Host Header site collection for with following command

STSADM -o createsiteinnewdb -URL -owneremail -ownerlogin MYDOMAIN\myloginname -HHURL http://myserver -databaseserver myserver -databasename WSSContentDemo1DB -sitetemplate STS#0

The STS#0 sitetemplate value creates a team site.

Add an entry in the IIS bindings for the mydomain site for beneath the default (blank)binding. Do not edit the default.

Once you are sure that your A record is updated with your ISP for browse to on your desktop (not the server) and the site collection should appear in your browser after you login.

Repeat for

Accessing the HHURL Site Collection on the actual server that hosts the site is not possible because the web site is using Integrated Authentication and has a name that is mapped to the local loopback address. To resolve the loopback issue on the local machine try Method 2 of this KB article:


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