Connecting to a shared Windows printer from your Mac

In your browser connect to CUPS on your Mac.
Enter the username and password for your Mac.
In the centre section of the CUPS page ‘CUPS for Administrators’ click on ‘Adding Printers and Classes’.
Under ‘Printers’ click on ‘Add Printer’.
Select Windows Printer via SAMBA’ and click ‘Continue’.
In the Connection box type in the address as follows:
smb://windowsmachine/printer and click on ‘Continue’.

This assumes the printer is configured for Everyone on the Windows machine.
windowsmachine = hostname or IP address of Windows machine.
printer = shared printer name …
Add a Name, Description and Location then click on ‘Continue’.
Select a Make and Model and click on ‘Add Printer’.
Close the session.
Now in an application on your Mac click on print, you should see the printer listed.
* Note:
If a username and password are required to connect to the Windows machine use this syntax for the smb path.
workgroup = name of your workgroup or domain.

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