OSX Lion WiFi problems

Upgraded the 2010 MacBook Pro to OSX Lion, all went well.
Couple of days later after a Software Update my WiFi connection stops working.
Googled and noticed a lot of people with similar issues.
Tried several of the suggested work arounds and hacks.
Kept at it as I didn’t really want to have to have to re-install Lion or Snow Leopard again.
Here’s what worked for me, it’s a collection of several suggestions from online sources that I had to combine.
Warning – If you are not certain of the impact these steps will have on your system then do not follow them.
Turned off Time Machine.
System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Removed all Preferred Networks.
System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced > TCP/IP > IPv4 ‘Using DHCP’ > IPv6 ‘Automatically’.
Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access > Deleted all the Wi-Fi Keys & Passwords I could identify.
Finder > Devices > Library > Hard Drive > Preferences … deleted the SystemConfiguration folder.
Shut down MacBook Pro.
Shut down and unplug WiFi router for 30 mins.
Restart WiFi router.
Restart MacBook Pro.
System Preferences > Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Added my WiFi network to Preferred Networks > entered SSID password.
Mac connects and goes online.
Note – I’m using WPA Personal security for my WiFi network.
Pity about the silence from Cupertino on this one, seems to be causing a lot of pain for people.


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