Moving a SharePoint 2010 Host Header Site Collection to a new server in a new domain.

This example describes how to move a SharePoint 2010 Host Header (HHURL) site collection from a server in domaina to a new server in domainb. The example also deals with migrating users within the HHURL site collection from domaina to domainb.

The existing HHURL site collection is currently on hosta and Content Database is existingDB.
Create a new HHURL site collection on on hostb and Content Database is mynewscDB.
Ensure your DNS record for the new HHURL site collection is mapped correctly i.e. you can get to it from the outside world.
Login to the new site collection and verify.
Backup the existing site collection on hosta to scbackup.bak file using Central Admin > Backup & Restore > Granular Backup > Perform a Site Collection Backup. Read the rest of this entry »


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SharePoint Site Collections and Host Header URLs

If you want to use SharePoint for hosting multiple vanity URLs one option is to use Host Header URLs.

e.g. and , etc……

I used the following software:

Windows 2008 RTM SP2 virtual server, SQL 2008 SP1, WSS 3.0 SP2 for 64bit

Create a Web App for (top level site) on port 80.

Create a site collection on this new Web App, use whatever template you wish.

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WSS SP1 64-bit on Windows 2008 & the Adobe PDF iFilter

· Download the PDF icon (select ‘small 17 x 17’) from

· Name the 17×17 icon pdfsmall.gif

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Noisy Dell PowerEdge 1900

The fans in a 1900 we have started making a lot of noise the other day.
Didn’t appear to be anything wrong except for a 1310 error reported on the small LCD display for one of the fans.
All fans were spinning at about 4200 RPMs (normal is about 2000RPMs) and making a lot of noise.
Turned it off, cleaned all the dust out of the affected fan, restarted.
All ok for about 15 minutes and the fans started getting noisy again, so back to the drawing board. Read the rest of this entry »

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Indexing Outlook Message attachments in SharePoint

SharePoint indexing of content within Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF and WordPerfect WPD files when they’re attached to Outlook messages.

The server I used for this MOSS Service Pack 1 + Infrastructure Update.

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Office Search Commands

If you don’t like the Office 2007 ribbon and are getting frustrated with the time it takes to find and use basic commands that were in the same place for the last two versions of Office then you could try the FREE Search Commands from the Microsoft Office Labs team. This applies to Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007 only.

Download the 3Mb file from the Office Labs website, here.

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SharePoint AdventureWorks Installation

Installing the AdventureWorks SharePoint 2007 demonstration.

Warning ! – Make a full backup copy of your VM after you have all the pre-requisites completed and before you start the AdventureWorks installer, it took three attempts to get mine to complete and fortunately I had backed up before I went ahead with the AdventureWorks install on top of the vanilla MOSS environment.

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